Arvon Residential: Stretching the Truth

I will be hosting a week-long session at Arvon Lumb Bank (Hebden Bridge) from May 2-7th with Russ Litten and guest Vicky Foster. This course will explore approaches to life writing, be it about the lives of others or your own life through memoir.

Students will consider some of the key elements and “rules” of writing biography, as well as various methods of researching a subject and inventive ways of creating narrative from fact. Autofiction and memoir will be developed using techniques from fictional writing as we discuss texts from a wide range of forms (including poetry, memoir, fictionalised biography and nonfiction novels).

This residential course will explore approaches and techniques to encourage progression throughout the week, including group discussions, creative exercises and close reading. One-to-one tutorials offers the chance to discuss new work in depth, with prompts and recommendations for developing writing in the future.

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