Ration Books 4-6

I am currently reading the new delivery of Ration Books (numbers 4-6) from Wendy Erskine, Jim Ghedi and Jenn Ashworth, who join the first three editions from myself, Benjamin Myers and Bill Drummond.

Ration Books produce small books to be read in short sittings.

They feature fiction and poetry and other ideas.

The books are available to buy online only in short print runs.

They are affordable, disposable, swappable, collectable, and always readable.

The words will never appear on screen.

Pass it on. Or buy a copy HERE.

No.6 Wendy Erskine, On Photography

The daughter of a renowned photographer journeys into the city – and back into recollections of a life lived in the shadow of an artistic, itinerant parent. A beautiful melding of language and visuals from a current master of the short form story.

No.5 Jenn Ashworth, The Badger

A trip to a dentist who collects animal skulls plunges us into a world of anatomical horror, where the nature of childhood memory is questioned. Conveyed with the literary invention and deep unease with which one of our great contemporary writers is synonymous, this feels like an instant classic.

No.4 Jim Ghedi, A Spring of Yarrow

Worlds ancient and modern collide in this collection of poems & songs. Both personal and political, and shot through with a sense of loss and class war anger, Ghedi guides us down rural pathways and through dark bogs in a debut teeming with life.