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Adelle’s features, opinions, essays and reviews...

Yorkshire Post

A Great Yorkshire Writer: It’s 30 years since the life of playwright Andrea Dunbar was cut tragically short. Adelle Stripe, who wrote a novel about her, looks back at her life and the legacy she left behind.

New Statesman 

Why the Royal Court is right to reinstate Rita, Sue and Bob Too: Should Andrea Dunbar, a working-class playwright, really be silenced because of the misbehaviour of her mentor? 

The Quietus

A Glimmer of CopeAdelle Stripe opens her battered copy of Julian Cope's The Modern Antiquarian and argues that this guide to Britain's neolithic remains has a strikingly modern relevance. 

Verdant Brewery 

Drinking for England: My Life in Beer. Adelle Stripe essay on her hometown of Tadcaster for Verdant's Brewing Folk series.

BBC Canvas  

A Cold Day in July: New Postscripts. A short audio essay on Bradford Ice Rink responding to J.B. Priestley's classic wartime broadcasts as part of the BBC's centenary celebrations. 

British Film Institute  

Old School, Baby: I Am Weekender. Adelle Stripe on director Chloé Raunet. Sleevenote feature for BFI documentary based on Flowered Up's seminal acid house film. 

Caught by the River   

Shadows & Reflections. Column on found family photographs buried in the garden shed, lost memories and genealogy. 

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