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A Place Called Bliss

Flashback: Parties For The People By The People is a new fold-out publication from Rough Trade Books that tells the story of the infamous Blackburn Acid House ‘parties’.

This fold-out set includes Adelle Stripe's recent short story, 'A Place Called Bliss'—an anti-love story that revolves around the smalltown life of two friends and their doomed attempt to escape their daily drudge via the ecstatic promise of Blackburn’s legendary parties in the neighbouring county. It is a shadow story of those lost weekends—a tale of frustrated desire and frustrated aspiration, where the small miracles of love and hedonistic transcendence appear all but impossible.

The collection contains a series of pamphlets of reportage, fiction, poetry and oral history by contributors including Alex Zawadzki, Anna Wood, Balraj Singh, Dorothy, Fergal Kinney & Jamie Holman.

You can order direct at Rough Trade Books


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