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Old School, Baby: I Am Weekender

Initially banned on its release, Weekender – Flowered Up’s classic acid house film directed by WIZ – is today hailed as one of the most innovative music films ever made. Now this pioneering meditation on the British rave experience is celebrated in I Am Weekender, Chloé Raunet’s new documentary about the film’s making, impact and legacy featuring conversations with people involved in the project, alongside others it touched.

Once described as ‘the Citizen Kane of acid house’, Weekender, the film that started it all, is also included in the BFI's brand new 2K restoration.

Adelle Stripe has contributed an essay to the sleevenotes of this limited edition blu-ray alongside Miranda Sawyer and Des Penney.

It will be released on June 19th via BFI and Heavenly Films.

‘Feels like a shot of the street’ Lou Reed

‘Without Weekender there’d be no Trainspotting’ Danny Boyle

‘Crazy, hedonistic, light and dark’ Lynne Ramsay


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