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Priestley Postscript for BBC 100

Permed mullets and pearl lipstick at the ice rink, the city's green lungs and the rise and fall of the social club are all topics featured in a new series of BBC podcasts about Bradford.

Listeners can now tune into ‘New Postscripts,' a series of five-minute radio broadcasts recorded by seven different local artists as part of the BBC's centenary celebrations. The title is a nod to J.B. Priestley's famous Postscript series which chronicled the lives of ordinary people during the Second World War, beginning in June 1940.

Now more than 80 years later, coordinated by the University of Bradford, with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and support from the BBC, a diverse set of voices take a fresh look at Priestley's home city.

Adelle Stripe, using a mix of music and narration, reminisces about the long-standing Bradford Ice Rink and the function of leisure spaces in an increasingly ‘online’ world. Her short essay, 'A Cold Day in July', offers a nostalgic reflection of the venue in the 1980s. It was written and recorded by Adelle and produced by Gus Bousfield in Bradford. The soundtrack was recorded by Chloé Raunet.

Other contributors are:

  • Kirsty Taylor, poet and educator

  • Bob Stanley, musician and writer

  • Saima Mir, author and journalist

  • Furaha Mussanzi, activist

  • Tammie Ash, journalist

  • Augustin Bousfield, musician

New Postscripts can now be downloaded via BBC Canvas


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