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Rough Trade Books of the Year

Ten Thousand Apologies: Fat White Family and the Miracle of Failure (published by White Rabbit) is one of Rough Trade's Books of the Year 2022.

Rewinding histories of hip hop, shoegaze stardom, indie hedonism and the rebel chemistry of punk and reggae this is their definitive list of the best music books of the year.

"Whether it's detail-oriented accounts from learned documentarians or artists picking up the pen for the first time, 2022 has presented us with a wealth of new and extraordinary music-related reads. A due reminder that our passion for music and its broader histories are sometimes best examined beyond the needle. A tough but rewarding process, we once again shortlist a number of printed works which have been our favourite paper companions this year, celebrating an exciting list that we can firmly say has shaped our listening habits for the better..."


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