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Songs They Never Play on the Radio

Tune in to the new episode of Songbook podcast - where Adelle is in conversation with Jude Rogers discussing James Young’s grubby account of Nico’s Prestwich years and a pile of other quality music books including Brett Anderson's Coal Black Mornings, Nick Tosches's Hellfire: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story, Jon Savage's England's Dreaming and Anthony Joseph's Kitch: A Fictional Biography of a Calypso Icon. Expect to hear tales of bad teenage poetry, Merrion Centre, John Cale, the infamous Alan Wise, Carol Morley's The Alcohol Years, her early love of Stray Cats and how reading about failure is always more compelling than reading about success.

Songbook is a podcast about revolutionary music books.

In every episode host Jude Rogers and a special guest delve into the history of great writing about music by choosing a classic book, exploring its history and legacy and discussing what makes it so special. There’ll be some books you’ll have heard of, plenty you definitely won’t have, but either way this podcast is guaranteed to expand both your bookshelf and your record collection. So dive on in and feed your head…

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