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Flashback: Parties For The People By The People
  • Flashback: Parties For The People By The People


    Flashback is a new publication that tells the story of the infamous Blackburn Acid House ‘parties’, the vital part this moment of counter-cultural history has played in the social, economic and cultural lives of the area itself, and more broadly, of the country as a whole.


    Featuring essays, interviews, poetry, fiction and oral history, Flashback takes in the post-industrial landscape of the area, the impact of years of regressive politics, both local and national, the confluence of football hooligans, casuals, gang violence, and eventually, the dispersal of all that into the culture of the parties and the emergent ecstasy boom. This is a complicated rendering of time and place, told through multiple, diverse voices, and through a combination of reportage, fiction, poetry and oral history.


    This fold-out set is made up of three pamphlets including Adelle Stripe’s exclusive short story, 'A Place Called Bliss'.


    Published by Rough Trade Books (2020)

    Available from Rough Trade Books, Village Books, and London Review Bookshop



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