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Dreamcatcher Tapes

Sheffield's Eccentronic Research Council have released their own super-limited edition cassette soundtracking the recalled dreams (and nightmares) of friends, artists, actors, musicians, scientists, poets and filmmakers. The release was called The Dreamcatcher Tapes Volume 1. Five years on, Volume 2 of The Dreamcatcher Tapes was born!

Across the two volumes there’s film maker Carol Morley, Andy Votel, John Doran, Benjamin Myers, Evangeline Ling from Audiobooks, Lias Saoudi, Sidonie Orielle, Wyndham Wallace and Daniel Dylan Wray amongst a whole array of musician friends, eccentrics and people with actual proper jobs.

I was delighted to be asked to contribute a lockdown dream to this collection, it's called Adelle's Dream (of course!)

The album is now available on cassette or double coloured vinyl from Castles in Space. Visit Rough Trade or Piccadilly Records to buy a copy.


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