Sacred Heart for Smagghe & Cross

One of my poems, Sacred Heart, makes an appearance on Smagghe & Cross's LP, 1819, on Offen Music. It is taken from Cigarettes in Bed (Blackheath Books, 2008), and was recorded at Air Edel studio with Ivan and Rupert. The first installment, Cock of the North, featured on their previous album release, MA. This new spoken word track, From Sacred Heart, is available to purchase as a download or on vinyl through Offen Music, and Rough Trade etc.

You can listen to a preview on Juno. It sounds nothing like me at all; which is just perfect. It's a dark, drone-like excursion into the mind's swampy sewer. Beelzebub in Pigalle.

More info at Ransom Note and Resident Advisor.